BodyMed® Foam Lumbar Rolls


Provides lower back pain relief and reduces pressure in the discs. Can be used at a desk, in the car and at home to provide relief and ensure proper posture. Adjustable strap lets user secure roll to chair backs and auto seats or patient can wear around waist. It is hand-washable.

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Whether you use the Body Sport® Foam Lumbar Roll for your Pilates class at the gym, doing yoga exercises at home or for rehab after a medical procedure, you’ll get plenty of use out of this strong, high-density foam roll. Use your Foam Lumbar Roll in combination with other exercise devices such as fitness balls, weights, tubing and bands. You can use an adjustable strap to secure the roll to a chair back or auto seat or even wear it around your waist. This soft, contoured roll provides relief from back pain and reduces pressure on your discs. It’s hand-washable and comes in white.

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Support Level

Soft, Firm


36" x 6"

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