Proper Pillow


The Proper Pillow is a corrective and therapeutic tool that works while you sleep. With a 4-layer design and patent-pending inner orthotic, this pillow supports the optimal 20-40 degree alignment of the head, neck, and spine. Alignment at this angle allows the nerve energy to flow freely from the brain to the limbs and organs. The ergonomic construction supports and comforts all body types while also promoting back and side sleeping. A cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat, so both sides are the “cool side.” The Proper Pillow is non-latex, hygienic, and washable.



Proper Pillow Features

  • Features a 4-layer design with an inner orthotic to support the neck and spine.
  • Keeps head, neck, and spine at optimal 20-40 degree angle.
  • Supports all body types.
  • Cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat.
  • Non-latex, hygienic, and washable.
  • Standard Queen Size: 65cm x 45cm x 12cm.
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